AI Predictions for 2018

The Cambrian Explosion of AI Technologies in 2018

  • Software 2.0: AI writing software: Unlike software 1.0, which is written in Python, Java or C++ with explicit instructions, Software 2.0 is written in neural network weights with no humans are involved in writing code. In short, AI writing your code
  • Explainable AI: understanding the black box: Most AI in existence today are “black boxes”; they offer little insights on how the outcome was reached. Explainable AI aims to develop techniques that produce more interpretive models. This is critical in long term : an explainable and transparent AI is critical to establish trust and encourage faster adoption

AI will Create Contents we’ll Enjoy

Figure 1: Many contents that you will see, hear or read would be generated by AI soon, including some incredible arts being generated by Google’s AI (Source: Google)

Smart Assistants will Run our Lives

Talking to Machines will become Normal

Fig 2: 3 year olds would be leading the human-Alexa interaction in 2018

AI will Run on Smartphones and we’ll be Thrilled

  • vastly improved cameras that recognizes objects such as buildings, landscape or people and automatically adjust to the best mode
  • enhanced voice assistance with native AI integration, using speech recognition and Natural Language Processing
  • native AI capable of translating languages in real-time without the need of an internet connection
  • enhanced security through face/ iris recognition
  • enhanced user behavior adaption using AI, for example, data and battery usage, modes (automatically to silent mode during meeting) etc.
Figure 3: Your phone will use its mind to serve you in 2018 (Photo Credit: SIMCA)

AI will Start Taking Care of our Health and Well-being

Figure 4: Your Emergency Medical Hologram won’t see you in 2018 (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Summary and a Wish



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Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya

Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya

Chief Data Scientist at Airtel, Prof/Scholar at IISc & MIT, worked for NASA and Facebook, built start-ups, and future settler for Mars & Tatooine