Powering the World with “India Class” Technologies

Imagination in Action Summit at the TCS Dome in Davos, Switzerland, on January 21, 2020. John Werner Photography
Slide 1: India is a country in contradiction

Any successful products and services built under these constraints in India, will have a good likelihood of succeeding elsewhere.

I have observed multiple trends and technologies emerging in India today and how we can apply those lessons globally.

Slide 2: Next billion Indians will come online through speech interface
Slide 3: “Planetary Scale” data plus AI will drive significant economic benefits

Our estimate is that building AI-based product for associating a location correctly for an address in India can add almost 0.5% of the GDP, or about 12 billion dollars.

Slide 4: For example, just solving the location and addresses issues using AI will add $10–12B billion economic benefits just in India
Slide 5: “Planetary Scale” public infrastructure for national digital services called India Stack — it has changed how Indian’s get their identity, open bank account, transact and more

The results are dramatic — UPI did more transactions in the past 18 months than the country’s credit card did in 18 years.

Besides uplifting 100’s of millions of people, these Planetary scale platforms are now enabling over nine thousand startups to build products and services on top — expanding the Digital economy rapidly..

Slide 6: 9,000+ startups are already building an ecosystem in India — we need to spread the planetary scale systems globally to reap the benefits and uplift people globally

Let’s extend the Intelligence globally, making societies smarter and better!!

Epilogue: I plan to write a series of blogs on Data Science, Machine Learning, Product Management and Career Success Stories. You can follow me to get these in your Medium feed.



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Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya

Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya

Chief Data Scientist at Airtel, Prof/Scholar at IISc & MIT, worked for NASA and Facebook, built start-ups, and future settler for Mars & Tatooine